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Andy – Owner/Head Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (Aug. 2008)


  • Crossfit Nutrition (June 2009)


  • Crossfit Gymnastics (April 2010)


  • Crossfit Olympic Lifting (May 2010)


  • Functional Movement Screen Certification (FMS) – Pending



Carol – Owner/Trainer/Manager
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (Sept. 2009)


  • Crossfit Kids (April 2010)


  • AFFA Group Certified Instructor


Mike – Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (Sept. 2009)


  • Crossfit Olympic Lifting (May 2010)


Dan – Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (March 2010)


Bejan – Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2009)


  • Crossfit Olympic Lifting (May 2010)


  • Crossfit Power Lifting (September 2012)


  • Top Crossfit athlete


Josh – Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2010)



Justin – Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2012)


Brent – Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2010)


  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification (2011)


  • Salem Fire Department Firefighter


Michael – Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2012)



Grant – Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2012)



Steve – Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2012)



Eugene – Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2012)



Christian – Assistant Trainer
  • Batchelors Degree – Exercise Sport Science – Oregon State University


  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer – Pending




Eugene – Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2012)




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CrossFit Kids

Forging the Future of Fitness!

Crossfit Salem is an official Crossfit Kids affiliate as well! This is a special certification that allows us to teach your kids Crossfit style functional movements and that fitness can be fun. We are one of the few gyms in Oregon that is accredited to provide this service, the future is bright for the kids of Salem!

Our CF Tots classes are for kids 3 – 5 years old and our CF Kids classes are for children ages 6 – 10. If you are interested in CF Teens classes please contact us and we will start those when there is a demand for it. We normally integrate teens age 13 and up into our normal classes.

Click here for the CrossFit Kids website. Current schedule has kids classes Monday and Wednesday at 4:30 pm. Come try a class today!

Costs: $50 per month for non-members, $40 per month for CFS members (per kid). Punchcards are available as well.




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The next challnege is…..

“The Trainers Revenge”

Starts: July 1st (goes for two weeks), 2012


Each one of our trainers or assistant trainers get to design one WOD, and teach it to you! There will be approximately 12 WOD’s and you get one vote for each WOD completed. You can cast your votes in two categories (best and worst WOD’s) At the end we will give the trainers some small and meanial prize for the categories they win, but it will be fun (and painful i think)! We will announce all the WOD’s before the challenge starts!

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On Ramp / Basics

Our On-Ramp program has had a great run of over two years with nearly continuous sessions but with the gym growing there is demand for something different.

The On Ramp program is going to be replaced after this session with a continuous CrossFit Basics class. Here are some more details!


New Program: CrossFit Basics

First Class: October, 9th 2012

When: Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30p (initially this is all the classes, we will add more as attendance grows)

Babysitting: Yes, this is available ($5 per kid, $3 with a punch card).

Cost: $85/month (just like our regular classes). Two months required up front, not fees~!

Content: We will focus on the basic movements and getting your technique perfected before any intensity is applied. Class pace will be a little slower than the regular classes and more attention to setting up each movement before the WOD starts. There will be one WOD only as opposed to two generally in the regular classes.

Info: These can be attended by any current CFS member and count as one class, you can mix and match Basics and regular classes as much as you like!

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Upcoming News & Announcements

Nov 8th - Gobbler Gauntlet @ Eugene CrossFit


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Contact Info

  • CrossFit Salem
  • 3589 Suite 100 Fairview Industrial Dr.
  • Salem, OR 97302
  • Andy - CEO & Co-Owner:
    • 503-931-7727
  • Carol - General Manager & Co-Owner:
    • 503-931-6488
  • Mike - Manager
    • 503-339-5816

WOD Guidelines (workout of the day)

Wear athletic shoes and apparel. Arrive 10 minutes early and introduce yourself to the other participants, start stretching (as best you know how). There is a basic warm up written on the white board... just start doing that and class will start at about 5 after.

Thanks for reading and we can't wait to see you at CrossFit Salem getting in the best shape of your life in a fun supportive environment!

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