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Comfortable in my skin

This month I celebrate three years of Crossfit and two years at Crossfit Salem. I was thinking about this yesterday while I was running.

How I felt about myself and body before I started Crossfit. I thought about my life before Crossfit, the self consciousness I felt about my body and how I looked. I never thought my current level of fitness was possible for me. I knew other people could attain it – but never me.

It’s all real when I look at this before and after photo. On the left is 44 ounces (or more) of Pepsi everyday. On the right is no Pepsi, healthy eating and lots of running and Crossfit.


I’ve been a three time member of the courthouse – they failed to help me reach any fitness goal over many years. Each incarnation of Courthouse membership was a failure.

It wasn’t until I discovered Crossfit that everything clicked. Specifically Crossfit Salem – I have never found more fitness success – and for that I am most grateful – it’s everything I want for Christmas & more.

I have a completely different sense of myself & my body. I NEVER thought I would be this comfortable in my skin.

Thanks Andy Bolliger & Carol Metzger Bolliger for providing a top notch facility & gym. I really appreciate those who silently push me at the box to get better every WOD.

In this instance the grass really is greener on the other side.

~ Robert

Emotion and fitness

20months ago I joined CFS. I wanted to look prettier but more importantly, I wanted to be healthier but I didn’t really know what that looked like. I really didn’t care at all about getting stronger or being physically fit, etc. I figured I could measure health by getting off my cholesterol med. Without boring you with my medical hx, I’m off that med—YAY! Today, I’m 8 days off Prilosec, which I’ve been taking daily–sometimes twice daily for 16 years. Wow, can I really get off all pharmaceuticals? It never occurred to me… I have 2 others I take. Can it really be done?

Anyway, what does this have to do with wodcrushers? It’s because CFS is more than just a gym. It’s a place that’s is focused on fitness that includes nutrition — in all aspects not just the muscle gains. I truly don’t think I could’ve been this successful without CFS and wodcrushers. See, once upon a time, I really felt I was so unhealthy that I was figuratively standing in my grave and simply needed to lie down to be dead. I never really expected to be this successful. CFS owners, staff, and members educate, enlighten, research, and share. While I haven’t developed close relationships, the encouragement and external motivation is powerful here. I am filled with gratitude to this place and the people.


When I joined, honestly, I never expected to feel “emotion” over fitness. I have felt emotional many times over the past 20 months, most recently this morning. I view exercise as a necessary evil — yes, I still do feel that way. Every WOD is grueling, I do not, ever, ever, look forward to going to the box. The BEST part of it all is when it’s OVER. I have a genuine and deep love/hate relationship with crossfit. Yet…I keep showing up because of the environment that Andy, Carol, and members have made… My journey’s not over yet but I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you. You are a group of amazing people. Your experience, knowledge, excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. Your commitment to health, not just fitness, humbles me to the core. You are people I admire and aspire to be more like. NOTE: I’d really like it if I could catch the “I love to workout bug” and get to that point I hear about that I or my body will “need” or “crave” the workout. Yeah…I don’t have that. Maybe I need a different flavor of kool aid. Thank you for creating an environment that encourages continuation, progress, and most importantly, personal growth.


Workout of the Day: Sunday 12-7-2014

Group Warm-up
Instructors Choice

4:00PM Class
Complete For Time:
* 10 Muscle Ups
* 20 Deadlifts (155/105)
* 30 Front Rack Lunges (135/95)
* 20 Deadlifts (155/105)
* 10 Muscle Ups

Scaling Groups:
* A: 15 Ring Rows instead of 10 MU, 95/65 DL, unweighted lunges
* B: 15 banded MU, 115/75 DL, 45/25 plate lunges
* C: Rx

Workout of the Day: Saturday 12-6-2014

Group Warm-up
Instructors Choice

8:00AM Class
Skill: “L” sit, accumulate 2:00 split up as needed.

3 rounds for time:
* 25 Sit Ups
* 25 Overhead Squats (45/35)
* 15 Toes to bar
* Run 200m

9:00/10:00AM Free Classes
Skill: Deadlifts, work to a heavy weight in 20:00

AMRAP 18:00
* 6 Kettlebell DL High Pulls
* 8 Burpees
* 10 Ring Rows
* 12 Lunges

11:00AM Competitor Class
TBD ;)

Workout of the Day: Friday 12-5-2014

Group Warm-up
50 Air Squats + 30 Burpees.

Front Squat/Bench Press – 1RM (20:00)

“Carols Birthday WOD”… no warm up, leave the WOD early, no matter what it says do either back squats or deadlifts!
Everyone else… AMRAP 12:00
* 10 Pistols
* 10 Ring Dips
* 10 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
* Run 100m

6:30PM Competitor Class
TBD ;)

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Nov 8th - Gobbler Gauntlet @ Eugene CrossFit


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