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Workout of the Day: Thursday 10-2-2014

Tabata Ball Slams (40/20)

Basics Class
Skill: Press, Push Press, Jerk

WOD: AMRAP 12:00
* Run 100m
* 10 Kettlebell Swings
* 10 Box Step Ups or Jumps

Endurance Day: Complete for time, split up anyway!
* 5x Prowler Push 100m (140/70 lbs added)
* Run 5x 400m runs
* 100 Burpees

A: 35 Burpees, 3x 400m run, 3x Prowler Push
B: 70 Burpees, 4x 400m run, 4x Prowler Push

Workout of the Day: Wednesday 10-1-2014

Partner sprints – 10x 100m (switching every other)

1RM Deadlift – Wendler Testing Week

Complete for time: (Max 20:00)
* 500m row, 20 Russian KB swings, 10 strict pull-ups
* 400m row, 16 Russian KB swings, 8 strict pull-ups
* 300m row, 12 Russian KB swings, 6 strict pull-ups
* 200m row, 8 Russian KB swings, 4 strict pull-ups
* 100m row, 4 Russian KB swings, 2 strict pull-up

Scaled swings and pull ups as needed. Rx = 70/53 and no bands

Workout of the Day: Tuesday 9-30-2014

Partner Med Ball Toss – 3:00

Basics Class
Skill: Deadlifts, Cleans

WOD: AMRAP 12:00
* 8 Ring Rows
* 8 Push Ups
* 8 Squats
* 8 Sit Ups

1RM Press – Wendler Testing Week

AMRAP – 20:00
* Minutes 1-9
o 21 Double Unders
o 15 Sit Ups
o 9 Lunges
* Minutes 10-11 Rest
* Minutes 12-20
o 21 Double Unders
o 15 Squats
o 9 Push Ups

Workout of the Day: Monday 9-29-2014

This is obviously a tough time right now for all of us that knew and cared for Brittany Gill, she passed away yesterday. Much too soon.

I believe this is what she would have wanted us to do. Back squats because she loved them and… crush this WOD partner style (she specifically asked me for that recently). Lets prepare for the battle series that she created. We will do this WOD every year around the anniversary of Sept. 28th. More than hope!

Group warm up is: 3 rounds, NFT:
* 20 Partner wall balls (no wall, toss high)
* 20 Over-Unders (10 each person, like junk yard dog)

1RM Back Squat – Wendler Testing Week

Note on restarting Wendler: This testing phase lets us know where you need to start with your Wendler training. If you have never done a Wendler 531 cycle read this! Its your choice to start Wendler with the maxes you test this week or the previous maxes you have. We recommend using current numbers (but a big deviation from your last max means it was just a bad day)!

Wendler 531 Plan: Warm up every day with 5×40%, 5×50%, and 3×60% (except week 4).

Week 1 – 65% x 5, 75% x 5, 85% x 5+
Week 2 – 70% x 3, 80% x 3, 90% x 3+
Week 3 – 75% x 5, 85% x 3, 95% x 1+
Week 4 – 40% x 5, 50% x 5, 60% x 5

These percentages are of 90% of you actual 1RM!!!! The + sign means get as many reps as possible on that last set!

Everyday Warrior – Battle Series WOD 1 Partner Style:
14 Minute AMRAP – Rep Ladder Doubles (one person at a time)

2 Cleans 135/95
2 Box Jump Overs 24”/20”
4 Cleans
4 Box Jumps Overs
8 Cleans
8 Box Jump Overs
16 Cleans
16 Box Jumps Overs
32,32,64,64…continue to double the reps until 7 min has elapsed.

Scaled & Masters:
2 Cleans 95/65
2 Box Jump Overs 24”/20”
4 Cleans
4 Box Jumps Overs
8 Cleans
8 Box Jump Overs
16 Cleans
16 Box Jumps Overs
32,32,64,64…continue to double the reps until 7 min has elapsed.

Notes: Power Clean and Squat Clean are both allowed. For the clean to count, the bar will move from the ground to the front rack position with the knees, hips and shoulders extended in one line. The athlete may deadlift the bar to the hang position and hang clean the bar, however it must make contact with the ground after each rep. Box Jump Overs; the athlete may step up or jump up. Both feet are required to touch the top of the box. Hands are not allowed to touch the top of the box. Hips and knees do not need to come to full lock out at the top of the box. Every rep counts in this workout. You will enter your results by the total number of reps completes.

Workout of the Day: Sunday 9-28-2014

Warm up
Instructors Choice

4:00PM WOD
“Elizabeth” 21-15-9 reps of:
* Squats Cleans (135/95)
* Ring Dips

Upcoming News & Announcements

Sept 27th - Wodtoberfest @ Crossfit 3-46 Grit

Oct 4th - Oregon Battle of the Boxes @ Crossfit Wilsonville

Nov 8th - Gobbler Gauntlet @ Eugene Crossfit


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