Why is nutrition important? Why should you care what goes in your mouth every day?

Well, there is a long and a short answer to that question, I’ll start with the short version and if you have questions please ask (email me at

Let me overplay the car analogy for a bit. Would you put mouthwash in your gas tank? How about nail polish remover, beer, or to get extreme… pudding? No because you know that the car would not run well, if at all. Yet your body is really not that different, yet we eat what tastes good and can ignore what our body really needs. We need fuel and no fillers. This is especially true of elite athletes and people looking to maintain a healthy fitness condition. Thankfully the human body is forgiving and allows us to eat stuff like candy, soda pop, and pasta without any immediate side effects. This tolerance is probably the reason why most people don’t realize they need to eat better. Fast forward 40 years and now you can’t sleep well, tie your shoes easily, walk two flights of stairs quickly, regulate your insulin level, be seen in a bathing suit, and/or live a comfortable life because of strange medical issues.

Maybe the answer is pharmaceuticals, just pop some more pills that’ll fix everything. Your too stressed so just take Crapinol (TM). I don’t think so… look at the simple truth. You need more sleep, to eat better, exercise a lot more, and stop being depressed about how crappy life is. Turn that around at CrossFit Salem.

All our members get free nutritional education so they can make good decisions in everyday life. Most importantly we are a support network for healthy living, you can do this alone, but it’s ten times as hard and your more likely to slip back into old habits when nobody is looking (or caring).

Some great Paleo-ish snacks:

  • An apple with almond butter
  • Freeze a batch of mixed up banana and almond butter for a great frozen treat
  • Almonds with dried cranberries (great travel snack)
  • Really dark chocolate (go for 85% + cocoa)
  • Fruit that tastes great (pineapple, mango, kiwi, all of it)
  • Beef jerky (one of my fav’s… avoid anything with added sugar)
  • Coconut Water

Here are some great links for nutrition help: (is artificial sweetener bad?)

Bad and misleading links: (drink cool-aid and a multi-vitamin its the same!) (even the American Diabetes Association is jacked up, I guess the bread and candy lobbyists are too powerful).


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