Thoughts on the 2014 Open

The 2014 CrossFit open is in full swing. Here are my thoughts on competition as it pertains to your results and dealing with the emotional highs and lows of this competition. Every week we are in a position to be tested, judged, evaluated, critiqued, and subsequently ranked with our peers. This is inherently a stressful and competitive environment. Most of us will be disappointed with our score and feel we should have gotten more reps, I know I do. It’s important to understand that if we give 100% effort, and there were not significant errors in strategy, that we walk away head high and ready for the next challenge. Use those feelings to drive and motivate us to work hard in the future and not linger on the past. You are not defined by your Open score or rank! It’s a reflection of what you could do that week. It’s a milestone on the timeline of your CrossFit journey, make it one to look back at and fuel the training in the future! We all have goals and some people train aggressively all year for this competition… but there are no losers in the Open! Do the best you can, note the things you need to work on during the next training year, and then move on to the next week!

– Andy

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