Workout of the Day: Friday 8-29-2014

Warm up
Instructors Choice

Gymnastics Drills
Ring Dip Assistance Work
* 30 Burpee man makers (45/25 lb. dumbbells)… max time = 6:00

Note: For these start standing with dumbbells at each side. Go down and do a push up on the dumbbells, row one arm, another push up, row the other arm, stand up… 1 rep done!

Oly Lifts
Oly Extravaganza! Using 50-60% of your snatch and clean weight all the way through.
AMRAP 12:00
* 1 Snatch
* 1 Squat Clean
* 1 Jerk

Note: this is a perfect form situation, focus on the movements and not recording reps.

3-5x Prowler Push or Sled Drags (180/90 lbs. added) and/or….
3-5x 100m Framers walks (2 KB, 53’s/35’s) and/or ….
200m of lunges with 45/25 plate.

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WOD Guidelines (workout of the day)

Wear athletic shoes and apparel. Arrive 10 minutes early and introduce yourself to the other participants, start stretching (as best you know how). There is a basic warm up written on the white board... just start doing that and class will start at about 5 after.

Thanks for reading and we can't wait to see you at CrossFit Salem getting in the best shape of your life in a fun supportive environment!

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